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Turkey Teeth Implants: A Complete Guide to Options, Safety, and Pricing

February 10, 20240



Turkey has been a popular destination for dental tourism, particularly dental implants. Known as “Turkey teeth,” these procedures combine price and quality. But how safe are dental implants in Turkey? What are the possibilities, and how much do they cost? This in-depth post tries to address these concerns and give a thorough overview of dental implants in Turkey using resources from HealthioTurkey.

Dental Implant Options and Pricing:

Implant System Price (£) Description
Megagen AnyOne £270 Known for its versatility and ease of use, this system is designed for various prosthetic needs and mimics the natural tooth root.
AlfaGate Implant £320 Although less recognised, AlfaGate offers a unique approach in dental implants, though details may be sparse in mainstream dental literature.
Megagen AnyRidge £420 Highly versatile for different clinical scenarios, from single tooth replacements to full arch restorations, known for aesthetic outcomes.
Straumann Group Medentika £500 Part of the Straumann Group, Medentika focuses on quality and compatibility with various implant systems, providing flexibility in dental restorations.
Straumann BLX £750 A premium option from Straumann, specialising in immediate placement and loading, showcases the latest in implant technology.


Are dental implants safe in Turkey?

When considering dental implants in Turkey, safety is a major consideration. Turkey’s dentistry business has expanded dramatically, with many facilities adhering to worldwide standards of care and hygiene. However, like with any medical operation, safety is mostly dependent on the dental specialists’ expertise and the clinic’s quality. It is critical to select a reputed facility with a history of successful implant surgeries.


Choosing the Right Implant and Clinic

Making the appropriate decision entails conducting a study and understanding the many possibilities accessible. Here’s what you should consider:


Dentist expertise: Look for dentists who have received specialised training in implantology.

Establish whether the clinic has received accreditation from international dental societies.

Patient reviews: Seek testimonies or reviews from past patients.

Technology and Material: Inquire about the technology and quality of the implants.


The Process of Getting Dental Implants

The process normally consists of multiple steps, including an initial consultation, implant implantation, and crown or prosthetic fitting. Recovery time and aftercare are both essential considerations.


Aftercare and Long-term Maintenance

Proper aftercare is critical to the success of dental implants. This involves getting frequent check-ups, practicing proper dental hygiene, and following the dentist’s post-surgery instructions.


Conclusion: Dental implants in Turkey are a cost-effective approach to restoring smiles, with several options to fit different demands and budgets. While they might be a safe and efficient solution, proper study and selection of the dental facility and specialist are essential.


HealthioTurkey has a comprehensive guide to dental implants in Turkey, including safety considerations, procedural specifics, and professional advice.


To proceed with dental implants in Turkey, speak with a dental expert. Discuss your specific requirements, expectations, and any issues you might have. This phase is critical to ensuring a safe and successful dental implant procedure.

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