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What Is Pink Aesthetics? How To Make?

February 15, 20240

Pink aesthetics is a general name given to all treatments applied to the gums for aesthetic purposes. To have an aesthetically good smile, balance and compatibility are important. Treatments cover everything from the color of the gums to their symmetrical structure.

In general, pink aesthetics procedures focus on supporting the health of the gums and improving their appearance. The person has a more noticeable smile. Treatment plans are created to suit individual needs. Sometimes additional dental treatments may be necessary.

What Is Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetics is a treatment that relates to gum tones and focuses on achieving natural-looking results. The procedures applied address various points such as the person’s gum tone, shape and teeth length. Aesthetic details are at the forefront in treatment.

When gum aesthetics is applied correctly, results compatible with the person’s own teeth are obtained. Soft tissues appear alive and it may not be obvious that plastic surgery has been performed. The experience of the dentist plays a critical role in the success of the treatment.

The goal of pink aesthetics is to improve the appearance of the gums. A number of cosmetic treatment steps are used. While problems such as gum recession are eliminated, gum health is highlighted. At the same time, some functional improvements are made.

Who Can Undergo Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetics treatments are suitable for people with gum defects. People who have symmetrical gums or stains on their gums can resort to this method. Despite this, people who will apply for treatment must have a certain level of healthy gums.

If you have problems such as gingival recessions or excessively visible gums, you can benefit from gum aesthetics. After benefiting from the treatment, you should pay close attention to oral hygiene. The recovery process after the procedure varies from person to person.

types of pink aesthetics

What Are The Types Of Pink Aesthetics?

There is no single application in pink aesthetics. There are a wide variety of treatment methods, such as adjusting the gum height. Basically, the goal is to ensure that the gums are pink and the teeth are white. Thus, the perfect look that the person is looking for is achieved.

  • Gum contouring: It is a necessary method to reconstruct the gum line. It is generally applied together with techniques such as root planing. While your gums are reshaped, your smile, self-confidence and oral hygiene are optimally supported.
  • Crown lengthening: It is a treatment applied to eliminate gingival protrusions. It is not done just for aesthetic purposes. Crown lengthening is a preferred solution to regulate the gums and prevent the accumulation of harmful substances.
  • Gum crafting: Gum crafting is among the first methods used in severe gum recession. Gum tissue is restored with the help of tissues taken from the palate. Among pink aesthetics, it is one of the procedures with the largest surgical procedure.
  • Gum depigmentation: It is a method used to lighten dark and stained gums. It works by interfering with the cell cycle in the gum tissues. Thus, it ensures that the gums have a younger appearance. Different techniques can be used for gum depigmantation.

There are many different treatments applied in pink aesthetics. The most well-known treatment is gum depigmentation. It is ideal for solving gingival pigmentation problems. However, there are different techniques used in the treatment of gum depigmentation.

What Are Gum Depigmentation Techniques?

Gum depigmentation is one of the most important parts of pink aesthetics treatments. It is done to eliminate dark spots on the gums. Laser gum depigmantation, surgical gum depigmantation and chemical gum depigmantation methods are used in the treatment.

The methods used are quite effective. Most importantly, they are safe, but your surgeon must be experienced. After gum depigmentation treatment, you can return to your normal life depending on the recovery time and the side effects you encounter.

1. Chemical Gum Depigmentation

Chemical gum depigmentation is a type of pink aesthetics applied using cream or gel. It is a method that can be applied even at home with a suitable small brush. When used regularly for a few weeks, the cream is ideal for gradually gum color correction.

Chemical gum depigmentation works over time and is considered one of the safest methods for gum bleaching. It takes about 2-3 months for the results to be noticeable. While the applied creams are taking effect, swelling may occur in the gums.

2. Laser Gum Depigmentation

Laser gum depigmentation is a pink aesthetics method performed to improve gums that have lost their natural color. It is done using a special laser device. The special laser device eliminates the problematic cells with high precision with the help of heat.

Laser gum depigmentation has a minimal risk of side effects. You may have a very short-term feeling of numbness. This side effect can be soothed by using cream. However, it may need to be repeated as re-pigmentation may occur within months.

3. Surgical Gum Depigmentation

Surgical gum depigmentation is also called surgical gum bleaching. It resolves dark spots on the gums due to the very high amount of melanin. Although it is a cosmetic procedure within the scope of pink aesthetics, it is applied with surgical techniques using a scalpel.

Compared to other methods, surgical gum depigmentation is a little more risky. Side effects such as bleeding, swelling, infection and pain are likely to occur. Additionally, gum bleaching may be required again in the future, as re-pigmentation is possible.

benefits of pink aesthetics

What Are Benefits Of Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetics can have a serious impact on the overall appearance a person has when smiling. In other words, it means the contribution to a person’s natural smile. There are many benefits one gains when steps such as gum color correction are taken.

In pink aesthetics, it is necessary to adhere to the fact that every patient is different. Gum colors are unique and restorations must be made appropriately. Gums and teeth that look completely natural make a tremendous contribution to a person’s uniqueness.

1. Enhanced Gum Health

Reshaping is done in pink aesthetics treatment. While the gums are reshaped, you are provided with healthier contours. So that, your gum health is supported and problems that may occur with your gums in the future can be successfully prevented.

Missing and defective areas on your gums are corrected. In this way, tissue integrity is ensured to support your gum health. In addition to gingival pigmentation solutions, problems such as asymmetric gum lines are eliminated and infection risk is reduced.

2. Gum Color Correction

In pink aesthetics treatments, pigment cells called melanin are targeted. A more even color tone is created on your gums through gentle applications. At the same time, since retouching is possible, it is an ideal step for gingival pigmentation regulation.

In addition to gum color correction, gum reshaping may be performed. If necessary, gum grafting is used. Pink aesthetics gum is very effective for color correction. Approaches such as teeth whitening solve discolorations. These operations must be done precisely.

3. Improved Smile Aesthetics

Pink aesthetics contributes to your overall smile and offers improvement in the most basic way. Methods such as laser lightening and shaping create a more balanced appearance. The gums around your teeth become smoother and regain their natural color.

Your small flaws are hidden while you regain your natural smile. Gaps between teeth or small stains on the gums disappear. Your oral hygiene can be maximized and your gum tissue is supported and your chances of experiencing gum recession are reduced.

4. Increased Self Confidence

Aesthetic adjustments made around the gums will allow you to have a more attractive smile. You will get rid of stained gums that attract attention in a way you never wanted before. Thus, when looking at your face, the gums are no longer the focal point.

Methods such as gum color correction allow you to achieve natural gum colors. Minimal gingival recession problems in your teeth are resolved. The tension you experience while laughing is reduced with gum grafting or gum contouring treatments.

How Pink Aesthetics Is Performed?

The steps to be followed for pink aesthetics may vary depending on the type of treatment to be applied. However, the first meeting between the surgeon and the patient can be considered the most important step. Because the necessary plan for treatment is decided.

  • Initial Consultation: An initial consultation between the patients and the surgeon or periodontist takes place. Patients explain why they want to receive treatment and share their concerns. The surgeon guides the patients in the best way possible.
  • Comprehensive Examination: A comprehensive examination is performed to clarify the condition of the gums. This allows understanding the person’s mouth structure before gingival aesthetics and determining whether they are suitable for treatment.
  • Treatment Planning: Depending on the examination, a treatment plan is created. Gingival aesthetics plan may include more than one treatment depending on the targeted result. It is important that patients are informed in the best way possible.
  • Proper Preparation: In preparation, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. If the scope of the treatment is quite extensive, sedation drugs may be given in addition to local anesthesia. This is especially necessary for people with psychological disorders.
  • Application of Treatment: All necessary treatments are applied. Gingival crafting, contouring and reshaping can be done. The purpose of each treatment method is different. All necessary treatments are carried out as indicated to the person.

If orthodontic solutions will be offered together with gingival aesthetics, they can be included in the scope of treatment. When treatments are completed, care recommendations are offered to the patient. At the same time, appointments are made for periodic checks.

Is Gum Aesthetics Permanent?

Even though gum aesthetics is long-lasting, it is not correct to say that it is completely permanent. Your body’s response and healing process after treatment affects everything. In the long run, you may encounter very minor or slightly significant changes.

It is in your hands to maximize the permanence of the results of pink aesthetics treatment. If the treatment has been carried out correctly, it is enough to pay attention to regular maintenance procedures. However, you cannot control your body’s biological response.

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